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  • Imagine A World of Try Hards

  • Being Adopted By Children

  • Parenting From A Healthy Distance

  • Unspoken Rules 

  • Realistic Self-Care

  • The Motherhood Cultural Space Through A Black Mommy’s Lens

  • Reinvent Yourself - Often

  • I’m No Expert, But This, I Know

  • Parenting Is So Easy That It’s Hard: Good Enough Parents Raise Healthy Productive Children 

  • Parenting Is Not A Competition: Less Insecurity, More Mutual Respect

  • A Patchwork Quilt Life 

  • Empty Nesting



Had fun talking secrets, race, mothering and belonging with Michelle Miller during her first book signing. Michelle Miller is a co-host of "CBS Saturday Morning." Her work regularly appears on "CBS Mornings," "CBS Sunday Morning" and the "CBS Evening News." She also files reports for "48 Hours" and anchors Discovery's "48 Hours on ID" and "Hard Evidence." Thank you to the Drewberry Foundation and the gracious Jamie Drewberry for hosting. Super cool! This was my first live, in-person author interview. Hopefully it’s the first of many. Had tons of fun. Thanks, Michelle! 

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New York Magazine Letter To The Editor


  • I was a featured reader in Real Simple magazine way back when.

  • The MotherHood: Our Village, Our Voice article “Weaving a Future” was my first serious published piece. I was honored to profile Rwandan women helping to rebuild their nation.

  • I placed 3rd in the 2017 Leslie Esdaile Romance Slam Jam (RSJ) Aspiring Author Contest sponsored by Diverse Writers and Readers International, Inc.! I also earned Honorary Recognition for a second submission in the same contest.

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