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A borrowed post. Pass it on! 


- White students do blackface, and the response is, "They didn't mean anything." Black students wearing Black Lives Matter gear are forced to change or be sent home. 

- A woman who isn't congenial and perfect doesn't deserve to lead. A man who is shady and smarmy has leadership qualities. 

- Educators stand in line for food pantry donations. Professional athletes earn more than mid-size businesses. 

- A person who rises from low economic means and works hard against intentional odds is labeled an equal opportunity quota baby. A person who is experiencing the first-time economic hardship is a victim of reverse discrimination. 

- Same-sex couples that have been monogamous for twenty years, practice a peaceful religion, and raise thriving kids are deviant sinners. Heterosexual adulterers who ignore their children are familial role models. 

An immigrant who leaves everything behind in a dangerous or impoverished homeland and learns a new language, customs, and professional skills is a job thief. A national who drops out of school or refuses training for an emerging job market is a victim of globalization. 

- Big-city residents are poor or rich and undereducated or intellectual elites. Residents of small towns and rural areas are regular people, the salt of the earth. 

- Crack addicts are criminals. Heroin addicts have a disease. 

- Adults without children are selfish. Adults raising children on government assistance are leaches. Heterosexual parents who neglect children behind picket fences are the American dream. 

- Families that pay childcare workers below minimum wage, under the table, without benefits are using the economy to their advantage. Corporate executives that move jobs overseas are evil. Workers who demand fair wages and benefits are lazy. 

- Requiring residents to pay a bit extra for services to make up the difference that low-income consumers can not contribute is unfair. Nepotism and cronyism are the American way. 

- Peaceful protest is divisive and disrespectful. Hate group gatherings and pronouncements are permissible under free speech.  

- The right to bear arms is fundamental. Wearing a hijab should be illegal. 

- Registering Muslims is a matter of national security. Background checks for gun purchasers are unconstitutional. 

- Disenfranchised people must realize that life isn't fair. Entitled people can keep privileges at all costs. 

- Historically marginalized people must forget about the past. It's a catastrophe that population demographics are shifting. 

- Saying "Happy Holidays" belittles Christmas. Using non-Christian academic units in schools is indoctrinating youth. 

- Returning prayer to schools is morally essential. Non-Christian public prayer must be outlawed. 

- Peace and love are subversive concepts. 

* Feel free to add to the list. 

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