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TRY HARD MOMMY FILES - How Much Adventure Can She Stand?

I'm doing OK with this new life adventure. I'm learning and challenging myself. For the most part, I'm a good sport. There are days when I need a break from the thrill ride. I miss walking, our N.Y.C. condo staff, the comfort of familiarity, and being in a global environment. Eventually, I shake that off and return to the adventure in progress.  

Today, I realized that familiarity in one area would be nice since everything else is new. I'm talking about church. This morning, we visited our first potential ATL church home. Whenever people ask what I want in a church, I respond, "A strong, active youth ministry." Mommy can sacrifice her preferences, right? Easier said than done. 

I knew this church would be unlike our former religious community. I wasn't prepared for how I'd struggle with that. During the early portion of the service, I was unnerved. I soothed myself with 1) If the youth ministry is good, you'll have to suck it up and stay. Perhaps volunteer in church school and skip service; 2) Be patient. One church can't have everything, and 3) Remember that one of your favorite things about Riverside Church is its diversity. That means they do the same things throughout the liturgical season in many different ways. You never know what you're going to get. Everyone has an equal opportunity to be uncomfortable on any given Sunday at Riverside. Today is your day to be uncomfortable in ATL. 

As soon as I relaxed into those sentiments, the service shifted. Everyone left the altar, sermon time. The minister began with a prayer I've known since childhood and placed at the exact part of the service where I'm used to reciting it - how comforting. The pastor spoke in a manner that resonated with me. One of his messages was, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.  

Later, while debriefing in the car, the 10yo and I enacted one of our call-and-response daddies. 

Mom: Churches are made up of 

Boy: People 

Mom: People are 

Boy: Imperfect 

Mom: Therefore, churches are not 

Boy: Perfect 

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