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Standing Rock has been all over the media, especially social media. Everyone has an opinion regarding the latest stand-off at Standing Rock. Some have spent a great deal of time expressing those opinions. How many of us have spent time examining the history of Native people on this land? I repeat, NATIVE people. It's not just the history of a random lost dude running out of steam, trespassing, stealing, and murdering. At this point, a chunk of squatters believes that's not their business since they weren't born then. Fine. How many have dealt with and been to Native reservations (not reservation casinos)? Have you interacted with regular folk on these lands? How about people who had to leave their families on those lands for opportunity elsewhere, in places where they are mistreated and considered foreigners . . . foreigners . . . Natives!? How many know flesh and blood, Native people? Not a person claiming a great six times removed was a Native, but know a verifiable Native in 2016? It is easy to prove this by performing genetic testing and knowing emigration patterns. Thanks to Professor Gates, those who wouldn't release hope know the minuscule probability of said hope. 

I ask because all of this is lost. Something fundamental to the foundation of this country is being ignored. I suspect for the same reason; we push aside other issues. We're lazy cowards. The most excellent global economy and those who drive it run from dealing with themselves. We're scared to face the monster and too lazy to do the work that would follow that reckoning. As a result, complex, hurtful issues inevitably bubble up. What do we do? We feign ignorance of the truth or call a statute of limitations for the crimes. There is no limitation on correcting wrongs, dealing with isms, or taking a hard look at ourselves. Without these efforts, we'll remain stuck in this place of mistrust and oppression legacy.

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