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This past weekend, I had a respectful social media dialogue with a Trump supporter. It began with her insisting that the President-elect's policies would suit everyone despite his ugliness. I asked for proof in his proposed policies, at least those in his 100-day plan, that he will address my primary issues (i.e., keeping my guys safe from isms). We politely went back and forth, addressing one another's points and learning. 

In her last message, she admitted, "Your issues were not mine when I voted." Shouldn't isms be everyone's issue? I didn't say that to her. She had a breakthrough, and I was happy for her. I tried to ensure she understood how much I appreciated her willingness to open herself to the conversation. Less than an hour later, on her F.B. page, she posted a "rebuke" (her word) of the current demonstrations of hate and called for her peers "to not be complacent." She called it "an issue of human decency." 

Remember this exchange. It'll uplift you during political climate frustration. 

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