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"That's a shame." 

"How awful." 

"They should be stopped." 

"Can't believe that happened in 2016." 

"They're a small [hateful/violent] group. They don't represent all of us." 

"I disagree with that." 

"Those people are ill. Nothing to do about that." 

"They should get to the bottom of that." 

"It's unfortunate that they get away with those things." 

"I wish that wouldn't happen." 

"I can't take hearing about that kind of stuff." 

"Tisk. Tisk. Tisk." 

"That's not my problem." 

"Yes. [insert hate group membership] is horrible. I don't advocate what they do, but ..." 

"I don't notice those things. I see the glass half-filled." 

"Sorry, that happened. Too bad." 

"You shouldn't have to put up with that." 

"You should tell someone." 

"Someone should do something." 

YOU are someone. If you are not standing up to hate in all ways that you are able, you are enabling hate. Bystanders and enablers are as guilty as perpetrators. There are no passes. Ignoring or cowardly hiding from hate in the office, street, school, or home is wrong. Use your voice. It's your power. The more you use it, the stronger it will become. Your purpose is more profound than getting as much as you can and being as happy as you can stand to be while on earth. We are alive to help further human evolution. Do your part. That will make you deliriously happy.  

THANK YOU to those who submit op-eds, stand next to targets, speak up when they hear offensive language, and see wrongdoings. Thank you for supporting candidates and organizations that work to eliminate hate. Thank you to the kind people, the healers, the people who understand that a problem doesn't have to happen to them to be legitimate. Thank you to those who work to solve problems that may never directly affect them. They know that isms affect everyone. Thank you for using your free will to help the whole, not just you and yours. Thank you for sacrificing a bit of your comfort so that others may be treated as the children of God that they are. 

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