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Last school year, many of you followed our family's bullying saga. Thanks for the cheers. The most challenging part was dealing with an abusive teacher. Never underestimate the power of a few (in our case 2) determined people. We: 

• Wrote, called, emailed, and met with anyone and everyone, sometimes several times each. 

• Jumped hurdles, scaled walls, and made lateral moves. 

• Assembled a team of advisors (educators, therapists, medical doctors, social workers, hate in school & diversity experts, other affected families, and supportive school staff). 

• Went over the heads of the unsympathetic. 

• Contacted local politicians. 

• Persevered. 

• Proved that our son was telling the truth. 

• Showed our son that we will do anything to protect him no matter the consequences for us. 

• Educated the ignorant on what happens when teachers abuse the power in their relationships with students. 

• Held the abuser and their superiors accountable. 

• Protected our kid. 

• Love the tens of thousands of fantastic teachers who sacrifice to pursue their calling. Thank you. 

You can do this. You can make a difference if you know there is a problem; address it as often as required, for as long as necessary. 

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