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NO, SHE DIDN'T - 5 Minutes on An It Topic


Generalizations and stereotypes follow. 

Face it. Middle-aged and older Black people have conflicting feelings regarding Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson, and Bill Cosby. If you aren't part of this group, be careful when these subjects arise. Our heads may do 360s when you say something against one of those three, no matter our previous declarations of disappointment. I don't have time to lay out the socio-politico-historical reasons. If you don't know, consider the current climate. Save yourself and keep quiet in these situations. Offended because I suggested you listen and not talk? How 'bout you mimic our behavior when you drone on regarding suntans and finding the best blonde color or nude pumps? 

Still need a hint? We're as ambivalent about the big three as we are regarding our relationships with White people. Got it? No? Move on to another topic. Jumping into this one may get you hurt. Whatever you decide, please don't ask your Black coworker, college friend, or parishioner to explain this post. Do your research. Delve into scholarly tomes. Watch "The Carmichael Show" episode on Bill Cosby. Watch Dave Chapelle's stand-up routines on O.J. and Cosby. Go back to scholarly work and public television documentaries. Take a class. Educate yourself without troubling your designated nice Black friend with teaching you. 

Still feel the need to express yourself? Please tell us how you feel about Woody Allen and the scores of White athletes and entertainers caught offending others. Mel Gibson? Casey Affleck? Fox News? Not on your radar? Speak out against police killing innocent children of color. We'll listen to that. 

For the record, everyone is done with R. Kelly. 

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