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There's a lot of chatter regarding this family's business. There are three camps: 1) The child support sum ($3 million per year) is ridiculous. Raising a child doesn't take that much money; 2) His children deserve to live his lifestyle; and 3) The Law is the law. 

I agree with all three but cringe at the notion that we debate such things. What's the point of having money if you don't share it with your family and those in need? Nine percent of income for two children is standard. Why adjust for wealthy parents? What's next? Tell those who don't have 150 million dollar contracts they don't have to contribute anything? Legally sanctioned child support is a guide, the bare minimum. Non-custodial parents should be paying much more than decreed. Custodial parents spend more than 9% of their income on children's expenses. Involved, present parents know that. Three cheers for the non-custodial parents who pay the child support, and then some, in addition to doing things the law can't force: disciplining, cheering, soothing, nursing, mentoring, coaching, tutoring, worrying, and praying.   

Back to the mass response to the It Topic: Why do some think so little of mothers and children that they balk at them receiving what the law has decreed? Why must a single mother be content with less than one who stays in the relationship? Why are her children worthless? These are things to consider. 

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