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Thank you for stepping up for the time when: 

- a male colleague repeatedly sexually harassed me, and the supervisor I reported it to said, "That's too bad." and did nothing to help me 

- I was hired to replace a fired White man but offered less than he made even though I had been doing the job for almost a year, had been with the organization longer, and had more education than he 

My objection to something was downplayed because "boys will be boys," "men," or "locker room talk." 

- in an academic/professional environment, male colleagues praised my appearance rather than my work, for which they tried to take credit 

- teachers steered me toward social sciences rather than S.T.E.M. 

- a date commented he wished he could f*ck and impregnate me to shut me up about feminism, life goals, and saving my virginity 

- my intellectual contribution was unacknowledged 

- I was expected to choose between race and gender 

- I worked harder & longer for less money, lower rank, and minimal appreciation  

- people spoke over or for me without my consent 

- I was mistaken for the help rather than the leader 

- male doctors dismissed my assertions  

- people roll their eyes because I insist that my guys practice equality and equity 

- others forced their religious and ethical views on me but not their time, talent, or treasure  

- I was underestimated by those who only knew my gender and race, not my qualifications  

- forces tried to erode my reproductive rights but insisted that I pay for Viagra and prostate procedures 

- someone said it was my fault that my outfit/looks/figure brought unwanted attention   

- my passion was labeled as emotional 

- rapes went unreported because the aftermath was just as harrowing as the rape 

- people judged my sisters for being single, childless, work-at-home mothers, or work-away-from-home mothers = making personal choices without public consultations  

- my L.G.B.T.Q. friends were denied fundamental human rights 

* Please feel free to add more in the comments 

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