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I wonder how those who believed the below felt when proven wrong. 

- The earth is flat 

- Women aren't suited for big business and politics 

- Apartheid is not our concern 

- Interning Japanese Americans is a good policy 

- Blacks should be patient and avoid the horror of the Civil Rights struggle 

- Lightning never strikes the same place twice 

- Priests are above reproach 

- There are no gas chambers 

- Stalin is not starving the people of the Ukrainian S.S.R. 

- The government would never use an atomic bomb. 

- This luxury cruise ship is unsinkable 

- Rwanda needn't be on our radar 

- The levees will hold  

- Resettling and confining natives is benevolent and best for all 

- The K.K.K. and other hate groups are relics 

- Joseph McCarthy is powerless 

- It's an innovative business for employers to be good to employees. They would never endanger them. 

- "Operation Wetback" could never happen again 

- The I.E.E.P.A. (International Emergency Economic Powers Act) will be used only for dire situations 

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