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Please hear my rant. I'm fed up with people asking if my sons are on college athletic scholarships. No! Each has earned an academic scholarship. Let's not get into the blatant racism here. I know that you know. 

This year that racist assumption has changed forms. Now people are "suggesting" that our youngest son participates in more sports and less science.  

I'm pausing here so that you can release the primal scream that is growing in you. 

Our youngest is a S.T.E.M. child. They love science and reading, and we support that in every way we can. First, encouraging their passion is our job. Second, doesn't the country need future scientists, especially men of color?  

Again, I know that you know the statistics and arguments. My rant concerns the early tracking of boys. Our little one is an S.T.E.M. geek who has never expressed interest in becoming a professional entertainer or athlete. Tinkering, mixing, building, and learning how things work excites him.  

What makes people think that males of color, even 8-year-olds, are placed on this earth for the amusement of others? These people want our boy involved in sports so that they can watch him. Mind you, the same people have children on chess teams and in other intellectually stimulating activities. Why should we sacrifice our baby to sports? Why not theirs? 

The inarticulate rant has been concluded for now. Thanks for listening. 

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