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CURRENT IT TOPIC - Geese and Ganders

People are still talking about I.T. That makes Kathy Griffin's mock beheading of Donald Trump a marketing success. If that was her goal, she achieved it. She ruled a few days this week if she's tracking her reach through social media impressions. If igniting a free speech and artistic expression debate was her goal, not so much. There was a bit of highbrow talk about this, but primarily, people competed to shout each other down. One side claimed her photo was disrespectful of the presidency. Another pointed out that all presidents are subjected to such treatment.  

I wanted to ignore the whole thing. However, I'd have been pleased with a more free-speech discussion. After all, free speech and artistic expression are hallmarks of U.S. rights. But they don't come without consequences. Say what you want, knowing that the other side has equal rights. It may be unpopular amongst my progressive friends, but I don't support her choice. I support her right to make it. In the U.S.A., she has that right. Conversely, CNN has the right to fire her.  

The same and worse actions were committed in reference to Barack Obama. Horrible images were heralded of him and his family. Where was the outrage during those eight years? The public firings? The tears for his children? Wrong is wrong. If you realize we shouldn't be doing such things, ask yourself, "Why am I late to this party?" Once you've answered that, move on to, "What will I do to ensure equality and fairness? Should I allow all artistic expressions or use my free speech to denounce all ugliness?" 

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