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Sooo the Ugandan hotel workers are being praised for remaining calm and not physically defending themselves while being attacked by a racist White American missionary. A Black man is accosted and not helped when he physically defends himself from a racist in the subway. Both racists are excused because they must be mentally unstable [since they were so obvious and caught].  

The message?  

Stand by and take whatever we give you. By the way, if we witness anything, we will not assist you. We will judge you. We will use the videos as entertainment. We'll applaud the passive responders and then abandon them. We'll donate seven figures to individuals who kill Black boys. We'll ignore the financial hardships of Black families that fight injustice. Their lawyers shouldn't earn fees. We'll pretend to be disgusted by what someone else did to you in a viral video yet grab our purses when you enter the elevator. We'll discuss classroom inequities but leave it up to you to remedy the situation because we have challenges, and the emergency flight instructions say my mask first. You before me is always an unacceptable emergency. We'll criticize how you protest because we're forced to view it for 3 minutes before a sports event, or it inconveniences us when a service is suspended. We'll tell you historical heroes who did the same were different. They don't require that I change today's habits. We want you to have more, but not as much as we do. We'll avoid the others when three or more are congregated yet charge them with segregating. We'll deny equal representation, then accuse you of reverse racism for creating your stuff. We'll tell you to produce, then refuse to buy your product. When the product is desirable, we'll make production so tricky that you're forced to sell the business to us. We'll appropriate cultures for humor and trends. We'll balk when you assert your offense. We'll claim you're too sensitive. We'll grow tired of political correctness, which makes us think before we do. We'll tell you to stop blaming current generations for the sins of their fathers. We'll uphold the sinful traditions of our forbearers, which push us forward and keep you paces behind. We are entitled to tell others how to protest, love, reproduce, spend time or money, and just plain be. We demand you respect our right to self-determination. We define racism. We wait for tapes to label racists. We deny the target's analysis of racism and racists [insert any ism]. We make the rules and cry "Unfair" when expressing opinions. In perceived potential defeat, we shed tears and crumble. We don't want to think about this stuff! 

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