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I'm trying hard to be kind while bearing witness. That means expressing fewer rants. But if I did rant today, it would concern: 

- Not using translators when speaking with other national leaders  

- Reducing people to labels. That's LAZY! Take time to hear and see. 

- Professing how busy one is, especially if one is supposedly too busy to engage with others.

Everyone is busy. Be polite. 

- People who behave and vote as if things don't count unless things touch them 

- Sanctimonious, graceless posts regarding how others should sacrifice, protest, and worship 

- Mansplaining & Whitesplaining. All 'splaining can give way to listening. 

- Silence regarding the Flint, MI water supply 

- Heterosexual women against birth control 

- Dismissing others' realities and responses to them because they aren't yours. Don't tell others how to react to their pain. 

- Drivers not using turn signals 

- Advertising that couples now need two large diamonds in a ring to prove their love 

- Demanding that others be like you for you to validate them 

- Scales 

Using President Bush, President Reagan, Obama, and Former President Obama, the ism is showing through the lack of consistency. 

- Neighbors use community social media accounts to post unrelated business and photos/videos of every Black person they don't know who breathes in our area.  

- Ignoring hate 

- Pledging allegiance to a thought or issue one has neither researched nor worked on 

- Unwillingness to learn 

- All forms of ugliness displayed in the U.S.A. in the name of politics 

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