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BEARING WITNESS - Integrity & Kindness

Will not stoop 

Will not stop 

Can't be forced to be ugly 

Can't be forced to commit isms 

Willing to be uncomfortable  

Willing to sacrifice 

People in the U.S.A. are hunkering down in their political camps, preparing for battle. I hear a lot of talk about how one should engage. A lot of it dismisses kindness. The argument is that the stakes are too high to be bothered. This is precisely why we must be extra kind. We can challenge and oppose one another without hate. One of my family management goals is to help my family balance activism with integrity and model and encourage self-care and service. I want my guys to be woke but not to despair. I need them to know when to ignore and assert their position. The stakes are high. The highest being having them come out of the battle not only victorious but fully intact, satisfied, and happy. Happiness and kindness are underrated. Kind leaders are mocked as soft. Happy ones were taken for simple.

However, those with opposing characteristics never leave positive marks on the world. Being kind doesn't mean giving in. You can fight for your viewpoint without name-calling and hate. Press your agenda whether you do it as an insider or an outsider. Work hard. Do it with hope and integrity. 

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