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John McCain, John Lewis, Gold Star Families, and the list goes on; the meanness hurled at them was more than mere attacks of disrespect from the president-elect. We can spend the next four years analyzing his mental health and ego. We can counter his assertions point by point. We can work on and with those who blindly follow him. We can rally the silence. We can rise above, get dirty, and occasionally dismiss. Do all of the above and more. If you hear someone agreeing that Senator McCain was a loser for being captured, assert a counterpoint. Remind people that Congressman Lewis stood for making America better for all. Both men fought for this country, as did the fallen members of Gold Star families. It's more important than ever to fact-check everything. No matter your political persuasion, find a place to volunteer in person or virtually. Make donations. Share your time, talent, and treasure. Use your voice. Report hate. Do these things with integrity and kindness. 

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