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I'm done with people telling others how to protest, to be patient or happy they aren't as bad off as another group. I am tired of those who profess things aren't real if they don't affect them or theirs. While we're at it, stop flippantly telling the religious to pray. Yes. Prayer works. We believe that and practice it. However, prayer works in concert with effort. Stop telling the marginalized to pray themselves to a better place or to wait for Glory. Stop insisting that you know the best way for activists to behave when the only anti-establishment action you've ever taken is forgoing thank-you notes. Incinerate your judgments, self-righteousness, and ignorance. No one has time for that mess. Those who are the targets of isms do not need to be burdened with understanding and educating their oppressors. Don't like that word? Meditate on its definition and what it means to you and those you look over, underpay, ignore, and dismiss. 

If this sounds bitter, there's a good reason. Everyone gets fed up. Some of you know how hard I work to be fair and spiritual. We'll see if I've succeeded at the end of my time on earth. Until then, think about this: if a person who welcomes difficult conversations, objectively listens to the opposition, and lives by the Golden Rule is done, where does that leave everyone else? 

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